Stag Party Ideas! – Stag Adventure Weekend in Iceland

Step aside ladies – it’s time for the boys to have some fun! It’s no surprise that both stag and hen parties are one of the most thrilling experiences before the actual wedding takes place. After all, the farewell to the “single” life deserves an appropriate send-off. As most of us can imagine, hen parties are filled with glitz and glamour, typically involving a whole lot of pampering. On the other hand, a stag do usually means getting the gang together and spending the night with endless drinks and partying until the wee hours of the morning. While we think there’s nothing wrong with this type of gathering, we suggest doing something a bit more creative, which will turn out to be a bigger party than you expect! With so many stag weekend packages available, we’ve taken our sweet time to craft the ultimate bachelor experience in Iceland, where you won’t have a single moment of boredom. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Read along to see what we’re talking about!

When thinking about stag do ideas in Iceland, you’ll normally want a taste of everything the icy country offers. If you think there are only miles of snow-covered landscapes, you’re wrong! Unlike most stag weekend packages in the icy country, we tailored the experience to bring the best of the best, including a selection of the finest dining experiences and of course, thrilling activities that will drive up your adrenaline. In the end, we’ve even planned an opportunity for you to relax in typical Icelandic fashion, ensuring that you look your best for your wedding day. Finally, we guarantee that our stag adventure weekends offer the best value for your money, so every pound spent will be worth it! Without talking too much, let us show you what you can expect from our package.

Firstly, we want to get into what our 2-day weekend package in Iceland includes:

  • When you arrive, a private English-speaking driver will pick you up from the airport. Additionally, they will be your personal transport throughout your entire stay and will take you back to the airport once the weekend is over.
  • We will provide bookings and tickets to visit some of Iceland’s most famous attractions – Golden Circle Tour, ATV quad ride, Snowmobile and the Blue Lagoon.
  • Day 1 lunch – either a traditional lobster soup or the best fish and chips in town.
  • Day 2 lunch & a burger dinner with a beer-tasting experience.

We also want to point out that getting to Iceland from London is really easy! There are constant flights that take you directly to Reykjavik, so you won’t have to make any additional travelling plans. For instance, you can catch a plane on Friday morning, usually around 7am and fly back on Sunday afternoon around 4pm. Like most stag weekend packages, we will completely adapt to your schedule, so don’t worry if you don’t fit this specific timeframe. However, we highly recommend that you arrive in Iceland in the morning

Now that you have a brief intro of what you can expect from your stag weekend let’s go through the days in detail.

Day 1

IMG 5485

As soon as you arrive at the airport, your driver will pick you up and drop you off at your booked accommodation. Once you get settled, it’s time to start your first adventure for the weekend! Typically, we’ll start off with an ATV tour, depending on if you fly in the morning. The ATV tour is an adventure that takes you through Iceland’s roads off the beaten path. Here, you can experience the true splendour of the country – you’ll get to ride along the gravel paths to the shores of the majestic Lake Hafravatn, where you can revel in the fantastic views over Reykjavik and the Reykjanes Penninsula. We promise that the landscapes are like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Once you feast on Iceland’s natural beauty, the next thing on the list is to treat your party to a delicious meal. Therefore, we have planned a pre-booked lunch featuring a traditional lobster soup or Reykjavik’s best fish and chips. At night, we give you the full liberty to explore the city however you like. You can choose from many galleries, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, we suggest you experience the vibrancy of Iceland’s nightlife – just make sure not to wake up with a nasty hangover. Otherwise, make sure to have some ibuprofen at bay. Finally, if you want to pre-book any local bars or restaurants, we can do that for you, but it’s not included in the cost.

Day 2

On your second day, all of your stag do weekend ideas will come to life! The day will be filled with exploring three of Iceland’s most popular attractions with your private group. You’ll start off with a tour of the Golden Circle – a route in Southern Iceland that features visiting the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall and the phenomenal Haukadur. On your last stop, you’ll see the Strokkurr Geyser that erupts every 5-10 minutes!

You’ll continue the day with an exhilarating snowmobile ride across the stunning Langjökull glacier. As part of our stag weekend packages, we’ll take you on a pre-booked lunch so you don’t lose your energy. All of this may seem like it will take a lot of time, but remember – during April and May, the Sun is always up in Iceland! With that said, you’ll be left with more than enough time to do some free-time activities

IMG 5494

After the adrenaline has set, we will take you to a local brewery to taste some of the finest Icelandic beers paired with a mouthwatering burger. Once the feast is done, you can hit the clubs again and bid farewell to your single life!

Day 3

Blue laggon

You may think our stag weekend packages end with Day 2, but we’ve planned the best for last! We’ll take you on a relaxing experience in the idyllic Blue Lagoon, where you can soak in the warm, rejuvenating geothermal waters. We ensure that all of your hangovers will be gone in a matter of minutes! The ticket we provide includes a towel, a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and a mask. Speaking of masks, you can buy your partner a traditional Icelandic lava face mask, so you’ll both be glowing on your big day! Finally, your driver will take you back to the airport, where you’ll be on your way home.

Before we conclude our guide for our stag weekend packages, we want to remind you to bring warm outdoor clothing. Additionally, pack up a solid, waterproof jacket and pants, as well as sturdy hiking shoes.

Lastly, the activities that are provided can be changed to your preferences. So, if an ATV tour or snowmobiles aren’t up to your liking, you can always replace them with rafting, a volcano helicopter ride, rib boat whale watching, kayaking, Snorkelling in Silfra between the continents,  or an intro to the glacial experience. It’s your special weekend, so the choices are all up to you!

At the focus is all on you! We will create a bespoke weekend getaway filled with experiences you’ll remember forever. We hope you will book our stag weekend ideas tailored specifically for you!

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