Bespoke Adventure Packages

Iceland Wedding Planner

Let’s make your time in Iceland truly unforgettable. Dive deeper into the heart of this magical country with add-ons that not only celebrate your special moments but also let you experience Iceland’s natural wonders. From capturing the Northern Lights in a dreamy photo shoot to soaking in geothermal spas with your best friends, we craft moments that feel authentically Icelandic and uniquely yours.

Themed Photo Shoots

Choose from a variety of exclusive photo sessions such as the mesmerizing “Red Flying Dress Shoot” or intimate engagement captures, ensuring every moment feels larger than life

Celebration Weekends

Mark special occasions with our curated weekend getaways. Experience Iceland’s iconic sights, indulge in geothermal spa retreats, and dine amidst elegant decor for an unforgettable celebration

Hen Spa Retreat

Whisk away the bride and her closest friends for a rejuvenating spa weekend. Dive into relaxation and luxury, creating moments of bonding before the big day

Adventure Stag Party

For the groom and his squad, embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure, capturing the spirit of camaraderie and thrill.

Other Services

Iceland Elopement Packages

Experience Iceland's raw beauty with our all-inclusive elopement packages. Dive into a stress-free wedding journey tailored just for you with a spectrum of enhancements to match your unique style.

Iceland Wedding Packages

Celebrate your special day surrounded by your dearest loved ones. Our Services ensure that your intimate celebration is executed flawlessly, with every detail crafted to mirror your vision and desires.

Bespoke Experience Packages

Immerse in Iceland's wonders with our Bespoke Experience Packages. Tailored adventures, romantic honeymoons, and unforgettable retreats await. Let's craft memories beyond your wedding day.