Every couple is different, and so should be their wedding. At “Weddings in Iceland”, we offer not just a wedding, but an adventure, a memorable story, a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored precisely to the couple’s dream.

Our Services

We believe that a wedding isn’t just an event but a personally meaningful journey that leaves lasting memories.

Our philosophy is rooted in understanding our couples’ unique visions and making them an unforgettable reality. Our tailored and intimate Destination Wedding planning service is ideal for adventurous couples envisioning a day filled with romance, uniqueness, and the striking beauty of Iceland’s landscapes. In partnership with trusted local experts, we harness the best of Iceland’s resources and knowledge to give you an unparalleled experience.

We value the power of customization, ensuring that from our first conversation to the moment you say ‘I do’, your vision remains at the forefront. This is why we offer entirely personalized wedding & elopement packages.

Every detail is meticulously tailored, every moment infused with an adventurous essence. Because, like you, we don’t just dream — we craft unforgettable experiences.

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Iceland Elopement Packages

Experience Iceland's raw beauty with our all-inclusive elopement packages. Dive into a stress-free wedding journey tailored just for you with a spectrum of enhancements to match your unique style.

Iceland Wedding Packages

Celebrate your special day surrounded by your dearest loved ones. Our Services ensure that your intimate celebration is executed flawlessly, with every detail crafted to mirror your vision and desires.

Bespoke Experience Packages

Immerse in Iceland's wonders with our Bespoke Experience Packages. Tailored adventures, romantic honeymoons, and unforgettable retreats await. Let's craft memories beyond your wedding day.

Planning Process

Why We Do What We Do?


At “Weddings in Iceland”, our belief is simple yet profound – every couple deserves a captivating, personalised, and unforgettable wedding amidst the ethereal landscapes of Iceland. Be it a grand destination wedding filled with laughter of friends and family, or a deeply intimate and magical elopement for just the two of you, our mission is to bring your dream to life!

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Design Your Dream

We partner with you to create a vision that embodies your love story and turns it into an enchanting reality. Each Iceland wedding we plan is bespoke and crafted uniquely around your desires and dreams. Remember, it’s all about YOU! From the initial stages to the joyous wedding day, we provide unwavering support to ensure a flawless and memorable celebration.

Our offerings don’t stop at the wedding day. We go a step further by curating personalised tours and thrilling adventure activities, letting you experience the breathtaking offerings of Iceland. With us, the possibilities are truly endless!

Planning Perfection

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Our journey with you begins with an initial consultation, where we listen and understand your vision. Post this, we offer personalised suggestions and options, tailored specifically to your needs. Once we have your approval, we dive deep into the intricate planning, guiding you through every step, crafting a detailed agenda for your extraordinary Icelandic wedding.

We take pride in our network of trusted and exceptional professionals, from makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers to transportation and accommodation providers, entertainers, and expert caterers. Each professional is committed to providing tailored services to meet your requirements.

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Coordinated Celebration

Your wedding day is not just a day; it’s a precious moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We ensure a stress-free, smooth, and magical experience by meticulously managing all the details. Enjoy the freedom of cherishing your day in a stunning venue, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland, surrounded by those you love. At “Weddings in Iceland”, we make your special day, an unforgettable celebration!