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Crafting dreams in the Heart of Iceland

Weddings in Iceland is a premier destination wedding planning service founded by Kristina, a dedicated professional with an adventurous heart and a passion for creating unforgettable celebrations. Our focus is on crafting bespoke weddings and elopements in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Iceland, a unique and increasingly popular wedding destination renowned for its mystical beauty and dramatic scenery.

Kristina fell in love with the enchanting aura of Iceland on her first visit, bewitched by its dramatic landscapes – from the Northern Lights dancing across the sky, to the impressive glaciers, geysers, and hot springs. Combining her love for the Nordic charm of Iceland with her extensive corporate experience, she brings along a keen eye for detail, superior organisational skills, and international proficiency to the world of wedding planning. This fusion of passion and expertise has sparked the creation of Weddings in Iceland, a specialist wedding planner service catering to couples dreaming of a destination wedding that stands out from the crowd.


Why Wedding Planning?

Navigating the complexities of a destination wedding, especially in a foreign country like Iceland, can be overwhelming. At “Weddings in Iceland”, our core mission is to make this journey seamless, delightful, and devoid of stress. From the initial stages of venue scouting to the detailed on-the-day coordination, our services span every wedding need, ensuring every moment is planned to perfection.

Inclusivity and diversity form the pillars of our approach. Beyond just planning weddings, we’re passionate about curating unique themed weddings and elopements. Whether it’s a dream wedding imbued with the fierce spirit of the Vikings or a fantastical celebration inspired by your favorite fantasy movie, we bring these visions to life, making your big day truly one-of-a-kind.

Furthermore, our deep understanding of Icelandic traditions and customs, combined with our commitment to celebrating love in all its forms, establishes us as a leading LGBTQ+ friendly wedding planner in Iceland.

My Style and Approach

As a destination wedding planner, I am here to guide you through every stage, ensuring that your Icelandic wedding journey is a true reflection of your love story and personal style. My ambition is to not only meet, but surpass your expectations, curating an immersive experience that stands out and etches unforgettable moments in the hearts of you and your guests.

“Weddings in Iceland” isn’t just a wedding planning service; it’s a personal commitment from me to shape the most remarkable day of your life in one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. My collaborations with the finest local vendors and suppliers ensure that you receive unparalleled experiences. Together, we form a dedicated team, passionately crafting bespoke elopements and weddings tailored just for you.

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Founder & CEO

Adventure has always been in my veins. From the serene landscapes of Norway, where I lived for several years, to the bustling vibrancy of the UK, which I’ve called home for over a decade, every place has painted a unique stroke in the canvas of my life.

Being a mother of three wonderful kids and two loving dogs speaks to the balance I cherish between personal and professional life. Yes, I’m a dog enthusiast – their unwavering loyalty and boundless energy resonate with my approach to life and work.

My career has seen me collaborate with exceptional talents across the globe, creating connections and indelible memories. This international exposure has honed my open, honest, and outspoken nature. The devil, they say, is in the details – and I’m passionate about decor and intricate elements that bring out the soul of any event.

Life has taught me the essence of courage, the value of persistence, and the significance of experiences. “Experience is everything” – this motto drives every facet of my life. In my moments of leisure, you’ll find me either diving into the intensity of specially curated Step Classes and Body Pump sessions or swaying to the beats of Salsa, preferably with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller